Zinc oxide converter - sharp tool for zinc oxide production

2021-09-14 14:57:09

Zinc oxide rotary kiln is specialized for zinc oxide design of a rotary kiln, the zinc oxide rotary kiln is widely used, not only for zinc oxide but also can be used in other fields, is the user's preferred equipment. The process flow: (1) pulverize zinc charge and coke coal into particles less than 40 mesh, and mix zinc charge and coke coal in a ratio of 1∶0.30 ~ 0.35 to get the mixture. (2) Make the mixture into particle mixture with an effective diameter of 8-15 mm, and finally put the particle mixture into the rotary kiln for smelting. (3) Coke or coal burning can be greatly saved when 15% ~ 25% zinc oxide ore or industrial slag is smelted to produce zinc oxide. (4) the zinc oxide obtained by smelting has high productivity, good product quality and small nodulation.