Sintering machine - sinter: artificial rich ore maker

2021-09-14 14:57:09

Sintering machine is suitable for all kinds of nonferrous metal fine powder sintering operation, can be different components, different particle size of fine powder, rich mineral powder burning into blocks, and partly eliminate the harmful impurities contained in the ore sulfur, phosphorus and so on. Sintering machine according to the sintering area is divided into different length and width several specifications, users according to its output or site conditions for selection. The larger the sintering area, the higher the yield. Sintering is to non-ferrous metal ore concentrate, fuels, solvents, etc., in proportion to match together, after mixing granulating, add water after wetting lay on sintering equipment, from the bottom up for sintering ignition, the ignition started blowing at the bottom of sintering machine at the same time, the fuel from bottom to top in the mixed ore burning at the same time, will be easy to melt material melt wetting difficult matter, The liquid phase gradually cools and binds the refractory materials together until the surface comes to an end. The resulting lump is called sinter, also known as artificial ore.