What does stepping sintering machine mainly include?

2021-09-14 14:57:09

Step sintering machine mainly includes cart machine, dump machine, preheating furnace, igniter, trolley, pulling machine, cloth, feeder and so on.
Belt sintering machine mainly includes head wheel, tail wheel, trolley, igniter, preheating furnace, distributor, feeder tail swing frame and so on.
(1) Step sintering machine:
Step sintering machine adopts hydraulic pushing machine, pushing speed adjustable, automatic ignition, machine sintering, machine cooling process. With the movement of the trolley, the sintering process is completed from bottom to top under the condition of air blast. After the sintering process is over, it enters the cooling section for cooling, and the cooled sinter is unloaded into the single-roll crusher by the dumper for crushing. The crushed sinter is sent to the screening room by the belt conveyor for screening, the finished ore is sent to the finished product buffer bin, and the paving material is sent to the paving bin by the belt conveyor. Flue gas through the dust pipe, flue to dust removal system, exhaust fan into the atmosphere. The larger dust particles are discharged into the lower water seal through the dust removal pipe and pulled out by the water seal zipper. Sintering exhaust system, cooling exhaust system, other dust points are equipped with dust removal device, effectively reduce dust pollution to the environment.