Belt sintering machine


Belt sintering machine is the main equipment in metallurgical sintering operation. It is used for sintering fine ore powder, rich ore powder and other raw materials of different composition granularity into blocks for blast furnace ironmaking.
Belt sintering machine is mainly composed of sintering trolley, gear at both ends, transmission device, mixing hopper and auxiliary substrate device, skeleton, tail moving device, ignition device, bellows, head and tail end sealing device, dust removal device, dry oil centralized lubrication device and so on.
【 Main structural features 】
Main transmission device adopts two meshing flexible drive, flexible drive or double envelope worm mixture fabric device adopts wide belt conveyor and nine, the case of sintering pallet sealing device adopts double plate spring fully sealed structure, mixing hopper, lay a bunker, equipment, automatic weighing device, dry oil lubrication with automatic double terminal type dry oil lubrication or full intelligent control dry oil lubrication.

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