Step sintering machine


Step sintering machine is the main equipment in metallurgical sintering operation, used for sintering fine minerals, rich mineral powder and other raw materials of different composition and particle size into blocks for blast furnace ironmaking.
Step type plane sintering machine is composed of sintering trolley, hydraulic trolley, mixing hopper, laying base material device, bellows, sealing device at both ends, front ferry, tail ferry, igniter, carriage return mechanism, winch drive device, dry oil lubrication device and so on.
【 Main structural features 】
Step-type plane sintering machine is to use mature part of belt type sintering machine equipment (including cooling, also can choose other cooling equipment), by linking the productivity in a rectangular plane circulation work, without complex sintering machine, transmission device and higher operating platform, has the characteristics of saving investment, short construction period, can achieve the same belt type sintering machine of sinter quality, Close to belt sintering machine automation control degree and environmental requirements.

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